Web accessibility training

Understand how to make your websites, apps and digital products usable for all through our web accessibility workshops. The practical, hands-on training is delivered by a highly experienced course leader to individuals or teams in-person, at your office or in a venue of your choice. The sessions give a personal understanding of frequent accessibility issues, to ensure they are avoided in the future.


A range of training options are available, including:

  • Introductions to desktop website accessibility and mobile accessibility – these sessions explain and demonstrate common issues that different disabilities have when using the web and techniques to alleviate the pain points
  • How to test and use tools for accessibility – a practical, non-technical session for developers and designers
  • How to test accessibility on mobile and tablet devices

You can also get recognised as market leaders through our RNIB Approved quality assurance mark.

Get in touch to receive a programme menu or request custom-made training, branded and tailored to your business needs.