RNIB Business is here to meet your every accessibility need. Our constantly developing portfolio of tailored services aims to offer businesses the opportunity to reach more customers in an inclusive and goal focused manner. 

We are able to tailor each service to suit your exact requirements, keeping you up to date and informed throughout the delivery process and providing a wide range of competitively costed solutions.

Service we can offer include:

App consultancy

The move towards app-driven service delivery continues to accelerate across all sectors. In recognition of the rapid pace of development RNIB Business is pleased to offer an app consultancy service.

We will work with your in-house talent – including marketing, IT and customer service – or a nominated external agency, to ensure the development of fully accessible apps. We are able to offer an app consultancy across a range of platforms, including iOS, Android and Windows phones.

Our experience within the mobile technology industry, combined with our diverse user pool, enables us to offer a unique level of customer insight combined with an extensive accessibility knowledge.

We work closely with leading technology providers including Microsoft, Google and Apple, and we constantly track, review and respond to platform changes.

Watch our short video on app accessibility below: 


RNIB Business has a substantial track record of successfully delivering a wide range of consultancy projects to the public, private and voluntary sectors.

Recent clients have included Microsoft, Amazon, John Lewis and British Gas. Our consultancy talent pool brings skills, knowledge and experience across a range of sectors. All have undertaken a substantial amount of training and professional development within the field of sight loss and disability. 

Many of our consultants are recognised experts in their field, and contribute to university education programmes, corporate thinking and international standards bodies.

Development Consultancy

In situations where your business requirement cannot be met through the provision of a training course, audit or other services, we are able to offer a bespoke development consultancy.

This service, might, for example, be suited to projects or programmes where there is an on-going requirement for professional disability support across your organisation and in relation to a range of specific projects. We will be very happy to tailor a package which fits with your business aims.

Tactile images

RNIB has a long history in providing information, knowledge and guidance on the creation of tactile images.

We have also gathered and disseminated extensive consumer feedback on the application and value of tactile images. Our unique perspective allows us to provide detailed guidance and support to organisations who wish to develop, implement or evaluate the role of tactile images in their business. 

We can provide a bespoke consultancy service which helps you to achieve your organisational goals in relation to tactile images and your accessibility strategy. 

Click here for our Tactile Images and Maps brochure

User Experience Consultancy

Our extensive experience in working with a wide range of organisations around the world has enabled us to offer the following services:

Assessment of the accessibility and usability of a product or system for blind and partially sighted users

End user testing, with a variety of different user groups including pro-user assessments and testing with blind and partially sighted people, and people with learning difficulties, dyslexia, dexterity or motor problems
Testing using Wizard of Oz software to assess how product or system can be made accessible to the relevant end user group.

WebDocs online transcription service

This service has been designed to help you turn short Microsoft Word documents like letters, leaflets, and lists of services into:

Large print
Audio CD

This means you can provide information to your customers in the format they need, using a quick and cost effective service. Examples include:

Opening times
Appointment letters
Letters to your customers
Basic information leaflets
Terms and conditions

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Our wide range of customers includes local authorities, NHS trusts, regional theatre groups, beauty therapist and many more.

Tech Analysis & Advice

We live in a world where technology is playing an ever-increasing role. We have seen a rapid acceleration in mobile technology along with an associated move away from traditional computing, and in 2014 we witnessed the steady rise of a range of wearable technologies, including health-based activity trackers and other innovations.

Alongside the rapid rise of mobile and wearable technology, we are seeing a proliferation of web-based technologies and other digital services. Our businessfocused Tech Analysis and Advice service enables designers, developers and service providers to properly integrate the needs of customers with disabilities.

Our position as the lead UK agency on sight loss, together with our extensive global network of blindness agencies, allows us to capture key issues, consider current trends and help businesses plan for the future by incorporating accessibility into their business goals. 

We are able to provide a technology analysis report based on an agreed set of business priorities. In addition, we can offer specific technology advice to organisations when required.

Watch a video about the Nokia (now "Microsoft Mobile") Create: Do Good Mission:

Audio description

RNIB has led the development of audio description globally, and our expertise is regularly called upon by national and international agencies including broadcasters and regulators. We are able to provide a focused consultancy offering for organisations wishing to develop or extend their audio description output.


This is a highly efficient accessible information service to enable pharmacies, pharmaceutical retailers and pharmaceutical manufacturers to provide critical information such as dosages to print disabled customers.

Our service is tailored to your individual needs and we can involve your staff in stages of planning, design, delivery and evaluation. 


RNIB Business offers a dedicated transcription service for businesses. We are able to convert any printed material into accessible formats.

We cater for all types of business requirement including accessible brochures, menus, product information, manuals, visitor information, maps and diagrams, books, newspapers and correspondence which will help your business communicate with a wider audience. We can transcribe into the following formats:

Audio CD
Large print
Accessible sheet music and music scores
Electronic text
Tactile diagrams

Please contact us for a free quotation based on the formats and transcription required.

We can alternatively provide a training workshop which will enable you to develop your in-house capacity and knowledge around transcription and accessible information.

Click here for our Tactile Images and Maps brochure

Insight Radio

Insight Radio started as an internet-only service in 2003. It now broadcasts to the UK, Europe and the World from our studios in Scotland and from our satellite studios all across the UK.

As well as covering news, sport, entertainment, talking books and social opportunities, it also features in-depth interviews and lifestyle programmes which address a wide range of issues affecting the blind and partially sighted community.

If you are working on something you’d like blind and partially sighted people to know about, Insight Radio can offer advertisement, interview space, promotional slots and more to its 133,000 listeners who’d love to hear your news.

Accessible Document Services (ADS)

We offer a same day conversion of personalised business correspondence such as bills, statements, letters etc in a secure and certified environment.

We are uniquely placed to enable you to specify the service around your business requirements. Our extensive experience ensures you receive a highly efficient and streamlined delivery.

Touch Installations

We will work with you to specify your requirements and create an installation which allows your customers access to a number of different environments.

Braille and Large Print Hand Held Plan

This service allows us to provide you with a hand-held portable, detailed, informative plan/map to give spatial information about any location.

RNIB Maps for All

We can provide a bespoke assessment, design and manufacture of a static and fully accessible visual map which is designed to give accurate contextual information about a location for all visitors whether sighted, partially sighted or blind. 

Maps for All is a unique product developed and produced by RNIB and is intended for use by people of all ages and abilities. Each map is carefully created to combine both visual and tactile elements resulting in a map that is a mixture of layers.

Maps for All can be installed in a variety of locations. However, they are also the perfect solution for a wide range of other applications from shopping centres to stately homes. Our fully comprehensive service includes:

Initial project discussion and advice to help you get started and focus on the correct elements – either via telephone or face-to-face meeting
Consultancy and site visits including working with you on the content and proposed location of the map,
taking photographs and making onsite sketches to aid the design process
All RNIB Maps for All design
All RNIB Maps for All production

Click here for our Tactile Images and Maps brochure


RNIB has a track record of partnership and collaboration with the publishing industry. We offer consultancy on a wide range of issues, for organisations across the supply chain who want to reach more readers and make their services accessible. This includes:

Customer insight for blind and partially sighted readers and other readers with print impairment
Technical guidance on accessibility in file formats including EPUB, InDesign etc making platforms easy to use for everyone
Developing the business case for accessibility within your organisation
Using the opportunities of accessible devices to enhance the reading experience.

To find out more, or talk to one of our team please call on 01733 375 370, or email