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RNIB Business is here to meet your every accessibility need. Our constantly developing portfolio of tailored services aims to offer businesses the opportunity to reach more customers in an inclusive and goal focused manner.

We are able to tailor each service to suit your exact requirements, keeping you up to date and informed throughout the delivery process and providing a wide range of competitively costed solutions.

Digital accessibility

Digital accessibility describes whether a website, mobile site, TV interface or application can be used by people of all abilities and disabilities. We can ensure your online presence is accessible to all, advising on which barriers are preventing your business from reaching its maximum audience.

This section contains:

Desktop website accessibility Mobile accessibility Web accessibility training

Desktop website accessibility

An RNIB accessibility consultant can provide a design review of your website or wireframe to indicate potential accessibility issues, with recommendations for how those issues might be resolved. We audit against the industry standard, WCAG 2.0 A and other guidelines and also offer user testing options, ensuring your desktop website works for everyone.

Get expert advice from an RNIB accessibility consultant – from wireframe to re-build, we can help you at every stage to ensure your desktop website is accessible.

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Mobile accessibility

An RNIB accessibility consultant can provide a design review of your mobile site or app. We audit responsive mobile sites against WCAG guidelines. App assessments are carried out using the RNIB App Accessibility Guidelines, with observed user testing also available.

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Web accessibility training

We provide tailor-made web accessibility training, depending on your business needs, experience and requirements. Our practical sessions give a personal understanding of frequent accessibility issues to ensure they are avoided in the future.


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Transcription services

Our transcription team takes original copy and transforms it into accessible formats - including braille, large and giant print, audio, EasyRead, British Sign Language, or as a hybrid disc containing a number of formats - in quantities that meet your needs. Our ISO27001 quality assurance guarantees that all accessible formats match your standard print communications, and can be produced within 24-48 hours.

This section contains:

Braille Web docs Audio Large print


Turn your information and communications into braille - from brochures, menus and manuals, to visitor information, maps and diagrams. Our XPIL service also provides pharmaceutical companies with an on-demand service to transfer critical information such as medicine information, into alternative formats, including braille.


Web docs

Turn short Microsoft Word documents such as letters, leaflets and menus, into braille, large print or audio CDs.Provide information to your customers in the format they need, using our quick and cost effective web docs service.



Provide your communications in audio, either in synthetic or real voice, using professional narrators. Choose from CD, DAISY and MP3 formats – discs can be packaged with a range of options, from clear to printed wallets and braille labelling. 


Large print

If a customer has some vision but struggles to read regular-sized print, then large print (generally in 16 to 18 point size) may be the answer.


Building accessibility

Put the human experience into your premises. We'll help you to make your physical spaces accessible to all, ensuring everyone who visits or works in your buildings can find their way around with ease.

This section contains:

Building accessibility

Building accessibility

Check your building works for everyone. From heritage-protected landmarks to cutting-edge future designs from the world’s pioneering architects, our building accessibility team has a vast range of experience and is a long term National Register of Access Consultants member.

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The RNIB approved mark can indicate that your business is accessible

RNIB Approved

RNIB Approved is a quality assurance mark to identify products that are easy–to-use if you are blind and partially sighted. Products and services which are granted ‘RNIB Approved’ status have gone through a rigorous process involving tests by accessibility experts before being reviewed by a panel of blind and partially sighted people, who have used the product or service for a minimum period of three months.

This section contains:

RNIB Approved Product accessibility testing

RNIB Approved

RNIB Approved was developed with the expert advice of Dr Gabriella Spinelli, Reader in Design Innovation, from the Department of Design at Brunel University. It was launched by the charity in response to demand from customers with sight loss, as well as from businesses which want to ensure their products and services are accessible.

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Product accessibility testing

Our team of experts can assess the usability of your products to help you reach your desired audience, providing invaluable insight to strengthen your competitive edge in the market place. Observed user testing with blind and partially sighted people and those with other disabilities is also available.



If you’re looking for flexible, accessible learning, RNIB Learning Choices can help. Increase your team’s knowledge and boost their confidence through practical skills which they put to use immediately. This can be delivered in a classroom setting or virtually, through our online portal.

This section contains:

RNIB Accessibility Awareness Training Courses E-learning Workshop Recommended for you

RNIB Accessibility Awareness Training Courses

RNIB offer two courses for external clients:

1)   Visual Awareness Training

2)   Pan Disability Awareness training 

The training is suitable for those wanting to gain a better understanding of how to support people with disabilities and is available for both individuals and corporations.

Find out more information and book:

Open courses

Corporate courses


We offer a wide selection of virtual eLearning courses through our online portal, which can be accessed at a time and place to suit the individual or organisation. Select from our programme menu or request custom-made modules, branded and tailored to your business needs. 

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Learning in a workshop format gives delegates the opportunity to explore ideas together, with the support and guidance of an expert course leader.

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Tactile map

Tactile images/maps

Tactile images, maps and touch installations enhance the experiences that people with sight difficulties have, making their visit more engaging, informative, inclusive and stimulating. We’re the UK’s market leader in the design and production of tactile images and maps, individually tailored to meet each client’s needs.

This section contains:

Tactile images, maps and touch installations Recommended for you

Tactile images, maps and touch installations

Tactile images, maps and touch installations enhance the experiences that people with sight difficulties have, making their visit more engaging, informative and stimulating, allowing greater independence and inclusion.

For many years, RNIB has been the UK’s market leader in the design and production of tactile images and maps (including large static access for all maps) and all of our services can be tailored to meet the requirements of individual clients.

Our dedicated in-house team of experienced tactile image and map designers are braille trained and offer a full description writing and production service. As a result, we’re ideally placed to help you meet the needs of your blind and partially sighted customers and make their experience engaging and enjoyable.

You can also get recognised as market leaders through our RNIB Approved quality assurance mark.

To find out more information about how we can help make your company more accessible, have a look at our full guide to tactile images and maps.

Our RNIB Map for All is a great way to make sure every single one of your customers feels comfortable and confident while visiting your premises. Find out all the information about this innovative service in our Map for All factsheet.

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